Tips for Choosing the Right Centerpieces

  • By Erin Levers
  • 11 Jul, 2017

The centerpieces you use at your wedding can make a big difference at your wedding reception. Using the right centerpieces can help set the tone of the event while also making your wedding day more magical. There's a lot to consider when choosing your centerpiece, from budget, to appearance, to the comfort and happiness of your guests.

Tie the Centerpieces Into Your Theme

Centerpieces, like every other aspect of the wedding, are an excellent opportunity to tie into the theme and keep your guests engaged. Is summer your theme? Why not sprinkle summer flower petals on the table around the centerpieces? Use sunflowers as your centerpieces, and place them in sky-blue colored vases, to mimic the beauty and elegance of the sky on a hot summer day.

Consider Your Budget

Even couples on a budget can buy beautiful, engaging centerpieces for their wedding. With a little smart shopping and creative thinking, the tables at your wedding reception can be charming, elegant, and inexpensive.

  • Buy inexpensive flowers in bulk. Gerbera daisies, carnations and mums are commonly sold inexpensively from florists. Best of all, these flowers come in a wide range of colors to match with any wedding ceremony. While you may not be in the market for high-end exotic floral arrangements, you can still impress your guests with the sheer quantity of your flowers.

  • Look for in-season, local varieties. Flowers get less expensive and easier to find when they're in season. Contacting florists that carry local flowers from local markets can help you find more affordable flowers for your wedding reception.  

  • Shop around. You'll get the best deals by looking well in advance and by consulting with a variety of different florists before making your final decision.

  • Avoid flowers altogether. Who says you need flowers to make a beautiful centerpiece? Candles, strands of lights, garland, lanterns, feathers, seashells, beads and other magical looking objects can all make beautiful centerpieces.

Go Eclectic for a Big Wedding

If you're having a very large wedding with many tables, consider using a wide variety of centerpieces, of varying sizes and made from different materials. For example, divide your centerpieces into three groups. The first group, large bouquets, will have bountiful floral arrangements with a huge variety of flowers. The second group, small bouquets, will consist of smaller bouquets made from smaller flower types. The third group will be a non-flower arrangement (using lights or candles, for example). Varying your centerpieces in this way could help liven up the space, adding visual interest to your reception.

Think of Your Guests

The beauty of the centerpieces is not the only thing you should consider when choosing centerpieces. The comfort and preferences of your guests should be considered just as much as the aesthetics. After all, your guests may spend hours at the table, talking to other guests and relaxing at your party. Choosing the right centerpieces will help make this experience more enjoyable for all.  

  • Keep the size to a minimum. Tall, wide centerpieces can make it hard to see the dance floor, the happy couple and the people across the table. Using short centerpieces that guests can see over helps keep the wedding entertaining and fun for everyone.

  • Use unscented flowers for people with allergies. Flowers that smell beautiful can certainly add a nice aroma to the air. Unfortunately, these lovely scents could force guests with allergies to leave early. Work with your florist to find flowers that have minimal scent.  

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By Erin Levers 12 Dec, 2017

By far, summer is the most popular time of year to get married, but did you know there are tons of reasons to get married in winter? From seasonal decorations to beloved holiday music, winter is a wonderfully special time to get married.  

Play Christmas Music

Not sure what kind of music to play at your reception? What about everyone's favorite Christmas carols? Whether you're bopping to the jingle bell rock, or having a blue, blue Christmas, there are a million and one famous and well-loved Christmas songs that can make dancing at your reception unique and special.

Enjoy Free Decor

Most wedding venues put up Christmas decor around the holidays to make their spaces seem more festive and joyful. Guess what? Your wedding party can take full advantage of this decor and use it as a backdrop for your perfect day! Holiday decor can cut back your decorating expenses, which allows you to dedicate more money to other resources, like food, dress or the honeymoon.

Wrap Up in Beautiful Winter Shawls

Nothing compares to the cozy beauty of a winter shawl over a wedding dress. Whether you're looking for something fur-lined or cable-knit, winter clothes allow brides to accessorize in attractive seasonal ways.

Choose Christmas Colors

Christmas colors can be beautiful wedding colors. Decorate your reception and ceremony with rich red flowers and berries, evergreen branches, and flowers in shades of white. You'll forever remember your wedding when you see Christmas colors at the holidays.

Use Fake Snow, or Enjoy the Real Thing!

Snow isn't predictable, even in the middle of winter, unless you're planning to be married in a mountainous area. Even without real precipitation, you can still use artificial snow to remind everyone of the beautiful time of year. Artificial snow creates a shimmery, magical environment for your wedding reception.

Enjoy Safe Conditions On Your Honeymoon

Hurricane season coincides perfectly with the summer wedding season, so many new married couples risk traveling to Caribbean islands for their summer honeymoon. You can avoid these problems and worries by planning your honeymoon in winter, when the weather is mild and safe.  

Decorate with Lanterns and Candles

Lanterns and candles are very  romantic, making them the perfect decor for a winter wedding. Plan to use artificial or real candles, depending on the location and size of your wedding. If you're planning to use real candles, talk to your wedding venue about their fire safety policies and what you can do to keep your guests safe.

Serve Hot Drinks

Hot drinks are the best! Hot chocolate, Irish coffee and other tasty beverages are best served in winter. On a related note, many wedding couples will package the ingredients for hot cocoa  and give them away as wedding favors. These attractive gifts are practical and fun to use. Sending your guests home with a hot drink mix is a great way to say thank you!

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By Erin Levers 05 Dec, 2017

Winter weddings might be cold, but they’re full of great photo opportunities!  If you’re getting married this winter or next, these 10 wedding photo ideas can capture the spirit and beauty of your upcoming winter event.

Wedding Amongst the Trees

Imagine a quiet forest blanketed in snow. You and your spouse walk hand-in-hand, stepping carefully over rugged terrain. All is quiet. You can feel the wind blow over your hair. You’re walking through a winter wonderland. This classic image is the quintessential winter wedding photo.

Mismatched Boots

You and other members of the wedding party will no doubt show up to the wedding in snow boots. Have your photographer capture images of your mismatched boots on the sidewalk in front of the church. Scuffs, wet spots and city dirt on boots serve as an artistic reminder of the beauty and difficulty that winter weather and relationships generally can bring. This picture will help you forever remember what it was like to get married this winter season.

Romantic Winter Fog

Winter fog doesn’t have to ruin your wedding photography! Position yourself in front of a tree, mountain or building obscured by fog. Next, kiss your spouse-to-be for this special shot. You’ll delight in how fog adds a misty, surreal quality to your photographs, while also suppressing the background and making it easier to focus on the central characters in the picture: you and your spouse.

Streetlamp, Snow and Stunning Beauty

Next time it’s snowing on a chilly winter day, grab your loved one, your photographer and your wedding outfit. Sneak a romantic kiss with your spouse-to-be under a lit streetlamp. For great results, position a historic building in the background. Now that’s romance!

Bridge Over Icy Water

Know where you can find a lovely creek and a foot bridge? Bridges and water make the perfect backdrop for your winter wedding photo. Hold your loved one’s hand in the falling snow, peer over the footbridge, contemplate the icy water beneath.

Cabin in the Woods

Are you renting a cabin in the woods for your special day? Nothing is more beautiful than a rustic image of a couple surrounded by snow, standing in front of their cabin in a remote area.  Hold your loved one’s hand and look at the photographer, glowing with joy.

Ski Lift Fun

Are you getting married at a ski resort? You’re in luck! Ski lifts make fabulous settings for wedding photographs. Get dressed up in your finery and head for the slopes. Take your photographer with you for a funny, fun image of you and your spouse to be, riding a ski lift into the skies.

Romantic Christmas Trees

Go to a tree lot and stand among the beautiful Christmas trees. Capture an image of Christmas lights in the foreground or the background. Tease your spouse. And laugh like you’ve been touched by the Christmas spirit.


It rains a lot in winter. So if it rains on your special day, have your photographer take a shot of all those umbrellas leaning against the wall. Stand in the background, in your wedding finery, in the minutes before the wedding begins.

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By Erin Levers 28 Nov, 2017

December is almost here ! Are you ready for your winter wedding? Are you looking for the perfect favor ideas? These charming gifts will warm the hearts of your guests, while making your reception even  more beautiful.

Gloves or Mittens

Give your guests something they can wear home with a sturdy set of gloves or mittens. Neutral colors like brown, black, gray and white are most likely to appeal to guests. You can give them to guests individually, or allow guests to take their own from a pile. If you want to add some color, gender-neutral, calm colors may have the most appeal to adults. Colors like blue, sage-green and dark red are more likely to match your guest's winter attire, so pick colors carefully.  

Dry Soup Ingredients

Give your guests the gift of your favorite soup! Package all the dry ingredients(with instructions) into several attractive baggies or small jars. Be sure to try out the final product for yourself before giving it to your guests; you'll want to be sure that the instructions are clear and accurate.


Attractive throw blankets will warm your guests and give them something they can use for years to come. You can either give one to each guest individually, or allow your guests to take their blankets from a stack. Like the gloves, neutral colors are best because they're the most likely to match your guests' decor at home. If possible, offer blankets in a range of colors to give guests a choice.

Ornament Place Card

Making homemade tree ornaments is a great idea., Write the names of your guests around the outside of each ornament. Then, use the ornaments as place cards to direct each person to their seat it at the table.  

Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract is surprisingly easy to make! Simply package a real vanilla bean into a dark brown bottle, then fill it to the brim with rum. Allow the bottle to sit for a few months in a dark, cool closet. This homemade vanilla extract will be helpful for your guests during the holiday cooking and baking season.

Extract can be refilled by simply topping it off with rum after each use, so give instructions to each guest to ensure they'll know what to do.


Champagne is festive and fun for everyone at this time of year. Pass out individual bottles of your signature sparkling wine with the date and a thank you for attending. Your guests can enjoy their sparkling wine at home during the holiday season. To make the sparkling wine extra festive, attach a small ornament to the neck of each bottle.

Gingerbread Cookies

Make homemade gingerbread for f your guests, and  then leave a gingerbread man at each place setting at the reception. If you're going to have a cookie table, don't put gingerbread cookies with the others. This helps make the gingerbread cookies a little more special for your guests.

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By Erin Levers 21 Nov, 2017

Winter weddings are magical and mysterious. Good decor helps warm the heart to make your wedding even more special. In winter, the best decor will reflect your state of mind and perhaps  the unpredictable state of the weather.

Touches of Evergreen

For many people, evergreen is one of the most widely recognized symbols of the season. Evergreen branches have a fragrance and beauty that can dress up a table, add elegance to a church pew, or make a truly gorgeous centerpiece. Fresh evergreen can also be costly. It must be picked and arranged shortly before the ceremony to prevent it from drying out. Work with an experienced florist to get the best evergreen available on your wedding day.  


Candles make your ceremony and reception glow with all the warmth that you feel when you think of your spouse-to-be. Real and artificial candles can both be used in wedding ceremonies. If using real candles, work with your wedding venue to ensure that this type of decor is handled safely. Many people opt for real candles at certain points in the ceremony, and use artificial candles at all other times.  


Snowflakes are another widely recognized symbol of the season. Try dangling snowflakes from the ceiling above the reception area to create the illusion of snow falling from the sky. Sprinkle snowflakes on each table to create a beautiful tabletop pattern your guests will surely enjoy.  

Red Berries

Seasonal red berries have natural pizzazz that can dress up your floral bouquet, give life to your floral centerpieces and make your reception banquet table a thing of beauty. Artificial or real berries may be used. Remember, if using real berries, avoid toxic plants and berries as they can break and stain easily. This is especially important if you're expecting small children at your wedding.

Red and Gold Ribbons

There's nothing more romantic than a holiday-themed wedding. When having a November or December wedding, use red and gold ribbons to tip your hat to the season and make your event merry and bright. Use sparkly ribbons to decorate the chairs to add beauty and charm to the reception tables and to dress up the bridal bouquet.  

A Christmas Tree

Want your wedding to be more overtly holiday-themed?  A Christmas tree, wreaths, stars and other holiday-related items make excellent wedding decorations. For the rest of your life, you'll think of your wedding when you think of the holidays. To add a personal touch, use your favorite holiday decorations from home instead of generic holiday decorations from the wedding venue.  

Colored Lights

Winter is known as a dark time, but your wedding certainly doesn't have to be. String soft colored lights to  help transform your wedding into a gorgeous textured landscape. Hang string lights from the ceiling, install colored lights around the dance floor, and use soft, warm lights to cast a glow on your  reception cookie table  . Work with a professional to get the perfect  look for your wedding.

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By Erin Levers 14 Nov, 2017

By tradition, weddings are usually held in one location and the reception afterward is in another location. Although this type of wedding does work for many couples, there are numerous advantages to holding your wedding and reception all in one spot. Known as an on-site wedding, these celebrations are simpler, cheaper and easier for the spouses-to-be and their guests.

Save Money

Money savings is one of the biggest bonuses for couples holding their wedding on-site. Whereas holding the wedding and reception in two different locations often requires couples to rent double the equipment and pay double the fees, holding everything in one location allows couples to limit the expense and control costs. Some wedding venues may even offer discounts for on-site weddings because they're more efficient to organize and easier to plan.

No Worry About Other Parties

With a three-hour time slot in one location and a five-hour time slot in another, your party could be just one of many events at each venue on your wedding day. This means that members of other parties could show up at unexpected times, causing stress and confusion. Reserving one venue for the entire day can easily make this problem a non-issue.

No Travel Time

It's difficult to schlep from one end of town to the other. For your guests, getting oriented in multiple locations can sap energy and enthusiasm. For the wedding party, moving the guest book, gifts, makeup, flowers and other accessories from one location to another can be a pain. Traveling across town in the middle of the day opens up potential problems to everyone involved.

Having your entire wedding in one location just makes things easier, so you and your guests can enjoy a less stressful, more enjoyable event.

Less Troubleshooting At The Site

You never quite know what issues you're going to run into at each site where your wedding takes place. Orienting yourself to each location takes time, and that can slow you down. With only one site to work with, you'll spend less time figuring out where the bathrooms are and more time enjoying yourself.

Your Photographer's Job Gets Easier

Snapping photos of the ceremony and the reception becomes  a lot easier when no one is traveling from one location to another. This makes for more natural, less stressful photography sessions and can result in more satisfying pictures.

Contact Bella Sera To Get Started

At Bella Sera, we have space enough for a wedding ceremony and reception on-site. Our venue includes beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces for your big day. If you and your spouse-to-be are searching for a single location for your wedding and reception, contact us  at (724) 745-5575. We'll be happy to show you our location and discuss the particulars of your upcoming ceremony.

By Erin Levers 09 Nov, 2017

Are you having a difficult time finding the perfect venue for your wedding? When searching for the perfect wedding spot, couples will sometimes turn to outdoor venues. Gentle breezes, the sound of birds chirping, and romantic floral aromas  can transform your wedding into a truly special event. If you are looking for the perfect outdoor ceremony space, look no further.

Announcing Bella Sera’s Outdoor Garden Area

We’re proud to announce a new outdoor garden area at our venue. Imagine your wedding taking place on a beautiful green lawn, surrounded by mature trees, private pond and rustic landscaping. You can have all the beauty of a natural wedding, coupled with all the convenience and quality of a wedding at Bella Sera. What can you expect from our garden area?

Rustic and Wildflowers

Rustic and natural becomes the theme when you host an outdoor garden ceremony. With natural beauty all around, you won’t have to spend quite so much time wondering what your decorations will be or how you’ll make your wedding beautiful.

Outdoor Ceremony Space

Outdoor space is one thing that you can always find more of in the garden. You’ll never have to worry about how you’ll fit all of your guests into one space. Whether you’re hosting a wedding of tens or hundreds, our outdoor locations can accommodate everyone.

Fabulous Ambience

Bright sunshine makes your outdoor wedding ceremony a cheerful, happy event. When the sun goes down, soft lights and candles make your wedding feel more intimate and elegant.

Beautiful Pictures

Get ready to see some beautiful wedding photography! The Bella Sera garden will make the best backdrop for any wedding ceremony. To ensure that your  photographer  is able to make the most of your wedding, we’ll invite them to visit the venue ahead of time. Encourage your photographer to scope out the area and devise strategies to capture beautiful images.

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At Bella Sera, we're here to help you plan the perfect wedding. If you're hoping to have a seasonal Halloween wedding, we can help! To make an appointment and get started with your plans, contact us today at (724) 745-5575.

By Erin Levers 31 Oct, 2017

There's nothing spookier and more fun than a Halloween themed wedding! These tips will help you get your Halloween-themed wedding underway.

Serve Halloween Candy

Fill your buffet tables with bowls full of Halloween candy and let your guests go trick or treating! To make candy collection easier, give each guest a black paper bag with his or her name written on it in silver marker.  

Give Guests Tasteful Masks

Some people hesitate to ask their guests to dress up in costumes for the wedding because costumes can be such an expense. To make costumes easier for everyone, ask guests to come in formal clothes, then pass out tasteful masquerade ball masks to every person when they arrive. In no time at all, you'll have a spooky and exciting collection of Halloween-ready guests to enjoy your Halloween-themed wedding.

Set Up A Scary Photo Booth

Set up a spooky old-time scene at your reception, then have a photographer take old-time black and white photos of your guests in their costumes. These pictures will make a nice wedding favor and will give your guests something fun and exciting to do. Plus each photograph will become a nice reminder of your big day.  

Decorate With Candles...Lots and Lots of Candles

Candles help set the mood and add a sparkly, magical quality to your ceremony and reception. Real candles can be a fire hazard, so we recommend using artificial candles if you plan to keep them lit throughout the ceremony.

Choose Elegant Black Dresses

Black and gray are unique colors for a bridesmaid, flower girl or wedding dress. To reinforce the Halloween theme, look for dresses with a lot of tulle, lace and satin. With these colors and fabrics, you'll have the most eye-catching wedding party ever.

Drape Your Reception in Loose, Gauzy Fabric

Loose, gauzy fabric can add an air of mystery to your wedding reception while also making the party a little more beautiful. When hanging gauzy fabric from the ceiling of your wedding reception, make sure that it doesn't obstruct your guests view or inhibit their ability to move safely about the party area.

Stand-Out Bouquet

Orange roses fit perfectly with the Halloween theme, and they're also unusual, which makes them eye-catching. Not such a fan of orange? What about a bouquet of black and white anemones? Or what about black roses? Choosing something unique can help make your bouquet the centerpiece of your wedding.  

Dress Up As A Couple

A bride in a fairy costume and a groom dressed up like an elf is just one way to keep the attention of the audience during the ceremony. You might even consider setting a theme with the couple's costumes ( Lord of the Rings , for example), and then asking guests to wear other costumes in keeping with that theme. Be wary of asking your guests to dress up in elaborate costumes, as this can be expensive and difficult for some people.

Have A Nighttime Ceremony and Reception

Nighttime ceremonies and receptions can be mysterious, romantic and beautiful. Of course, if you're having your wedding on Halloween, you'll want to take into consideration the needs of your guests. If your guests have children, they'll want to be home in time to trick-or-treat, so you may need to move your wedding to the day before Halloween.

Contact Bella Sera

At Bella Sera, we're here to help you plan the perfect wedding. If you're hoping to have a seasonal Halloween wedding, we can help! To make an appointment and get started with your plans, contact us  today at (724) 745-5575.

By Erin Levers 24 Oct, 2017

It's hard to come up with wedding favors that guests will actually want. The ultimate wedding favor is personal, meaningful and affordable. These unique wedding favors are for couples looking for that perfect wedding favor for their guests.  

Mix CD

Put together a mix CD of your favorite songs played at your wedding. If you're not sure what's on your wedding playlist, work with your DJ to get a complete list. Adding a personalized case is a way to share your day with your guest.  

Charitable Donations

Pick one charity or a variety of charities that are important to you and your spouse. Make individual donations for each one of your guests, then leave a card on each place setting at the reception.  

Escort Card Paintings

The escort card points your guests to the right seat at the reception. In traditional weddings, escort cards are actual cards, but you can make the escort card anything - including a beautiful little painting! To make these escort cards, pick up tiny (no more than 2x2) canvases from your local art and craft store, then paint something small and sweet on each little canvas. You can make the image abstract, representational, simplistic or complex. It's up to you! To finish the project, attach small ribbons to each canvas listing the name and seat location for each guest.  

Hand Roasted Coffee Beans

Did you know you can roast your own coffee beans at home? All you need is a stovetop popcorn popper (the old fashioned kind that comes with a hand crank) and green coffee beans. Here’s how: put the green coffee beans into the popper, turn the stove heat on low and turn the popper crank until the beans are your preferred color. Home-roasted coffee beans make great wedding favors because they're so unique and tasty.

DIY Hot Chocolate

Fill a small mason jar with hot coco powder and marshmallows. To make the gift adult-friendly, use a piece of twine to tie a small bottle of Irish cream to each jar. When giving to children, of course, leave the Irish cream off. These gifts look great, taste great and can easily be made for any age.

Something Seasonal

Seasonal weddings need seasonal wedding favors. For a winter wedding, consider giving your guests Christmas ornaments. For a fall wedding favor, why not give a mini bottle of maple syrup, homemade apple sauce or a mini pumpkin?


When considering the type of wedding favors to give keep these tips in mind:

  • Wedding favors should be easy to transport.
  • If you’ll have children in attendance, look for favors that can be adapted to your younger guests.  
  • The most effective favors can be tied back to the event. Look for gifts that have meaning to you and your spouse-to-be.

Contact Bella Sera

At Bella Sera we work with couples to help them plan their perfect wedding. Offering a beautiful venue, a variety of rooms and a delicious menu, Bella Sera is ready to help you and your spouse plan a wedding to remember. To get started,  contact us today  at (724) 745-5575.  

By Erin Levers 17 Oct, 2017

Can you have a great wedding party without an open bar? Of course! Some couples offer a limited bar, others look for alcohol-free alternatives; and all of these options can be fun.


Mocktails are attractive, thirst-quenching, and can be just as delicious as their cocktail counterparts! When trying to decide what drinks to put on your mocktail menu, we recommend getting creative and cute.

  • Pick color themes. Select drinks that correspond to your wedding's color themes. Not only will your guests have a great drink menu to choose from, but your wedding reception will be more beautiful as a result.

  • Name some of your drinks something cute. Making up a cute or funny name for some of your mocktails can add a sense of playful fun to your reception. When picking cute names, try to tie the drinks back to your wedding. For example, you might name a drink something that combines your name with your spouse's name.

  • Pick a few exotic beverages that your relatives may not have tried in the past. Virgin mojitos, anyone? Your older relatives will go wild for some of the fun, flavorful drinks that have become popular in bars and restaurants in recent years.

Seasonal Beverages

Serving mulled cider in fall, wassail in winter, and lemonade and fruit juice in summer can help set a mood at your reception. Supporting these choices with seasonal decorations can help reinforce the theme and can keep guests in the mood for a party.

Beer and Wine Only

Instead of a completely open bar, many couples choose to serve beer and wine only, or beer, wine and a signature drink. Doing this can help control costs while giving your guests a modest range of choices.

Signature Drink

To help control costs, offering complimentary signature alcoholic drinks and a cash bar cuts back on the type of alcohol being offered at your reception. Some couples, hoping to give their guests more choices, will offer his and her signature drinks.

Signature drinks can be anything. Many couples like to attach a story to their signature drink. Consider offering a drink that you enjoyed on your first date, or a drink that you both enjoy together at your favorite restaurant. This can help keep the signature drink meaningful while also tying the party back to your relationship.


Some couples, hoping to offer drink choices without a completely open bar, will provide a limited number of drink tickets to each family member. This is a good option for small weddings. At larger weddings, the tickets can become confusing. Distributing tickets to large numbers of guests can be challenging. Having a clear plan in place for this option helps to ensure that everyone gets their share of the tickets.

Work With Your Wedding Venue

Working closely with representatives from the wedding venue can help you plan the wedding you've always wanted. At Bella Sera, we help couples plan a truly fun and enjoyable wedding. For your convenience, our caterers offer a range of drink and menu choices. To get started with your wedding planning,  contact us today  to make an appointment at (724) 745-5575.

By Erin Levers 10 Oct, 2017

If there's ever a time for your makeup to look even more beautiful, it's on  your wedding day Many women think about their makeup for weeks in advance of the big event. But practicing your makeup well before the big day and deciding on  a style and look that fits you is important. The right look should accentuate your dress, coordinate with the wedding colors and, of course, bring out the best in your personal style.

Best Wedding Makeup Looks

Below are our three favorite wedding makeup styles.

  • Soft and neutral. Apply neutral, earthy tones above the eyes and on the cheeks. Over the lips, use soft pink (almost nude colored) lipstick.
  • Smoky and sultry. Apply gradated, smokey colored eyeshadow, neutral colored blush and neutral-colored lipstick to keep the focus on your eyes.
  • Pink and sweet. Peach blush, soft pink lipstick and shimmery purple eye shadow gives your face a sweet, natural glow that people will love.

Basic Tips

These tips will help you achieve a beautiful, long lasting look for your big day.

  • Practice, practice, practice. Don't be afraid to practice your makeup application before your wedding. Do it several times if need be! If you need feedback, do this with a friend so she can give you tips and honest feedback.
  • Wear long-lasting formulas. It might feel short, but your wedding day will be a long one. Try out long lasting formulas before your wedding day arrives. Look for mascara that doesn't run, lipstick that won't quit and eyeshadow that stays in place no matter how much you sweat or cry. To put things to the test, wear your wedding makeup to your bachelorette party. After a night out on the town, check your makeup before you turn in for the night. If your makeup still looks great, you've found the right products for you!
  • Get your skin ready in advance. Make a visit to a spa, get regular facials, and moisturize your skin daily in the weeks leading up to your wedding. This way, your skin will look its best when the big day arrives.
  • Use powder to control shine. You're going to sweat on your wedding day, no doubt. You might cry a little too! Skin that glows is a good thing, but skin that shines not so much. Use a light powder to control shine. Not only will you look better in person, you'll also look better in your photographs.
  • Avoid very dark lipsticks. Very dark lipsticks can wash out your face and give you a “Goth” look that might look weird in the photos. Unless you always wear dark lipstick, avoid wearing it on your wedding day.  
  • Stay hydrated. Nerves and anxiety can leave you feeling dry on your wedding day. Unfortunately, this might also lead to dry lips and dry skin. Stay hydrated so your lips will retain their full, sexy shape.
  • Stick to neutral colors on your nails. Bright nails can distract from your beautiful dress. A nice French manicure or soft, beige colored nails will help keep the focus on your gorgeous ensemble, beautiful flowers and your face.  
  • Be you. More than anything else, you want to look like yourself for your wedding photographs. Avoid makeup styles that are wildly different from your normal everyday look. You want to look back on your photographs and recognize the face you see.

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